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Private Luxury Rides


 Frantz is a people person. He’s found that the best way to truly understand what the customer needs is to ask the right questions and then follow up to confirm that these needs are met by developing a plan or setting goals to meet the client or customer’s needs. As a result, Frantz not only aims to meet expectations but also often exceeds the client or customer’s expectations.

This way, a bond is created between Frantz and the customer; this eye for detail makes EAS stand out from other services. 


Integrity and authenticity are essential to Frantz, and he wants to continue to improve and be the best he can be at providing a service. Frantz is confident in his ability to produce results. Although situations happen when the results aren't ideal, and when that does happen, Frant does his best to tip the hat in a positive direction. The only way to keep moving forward is to focus on results.  Frantz is hard working and committed to adding value and reaching goals with the best results possible.

What makes us different?

EAS is not just about the financial transaction, rather about building a strong relationship with the customer and potential long-term clients. At EAS you can expect professionalism, honesty and timely service upon request.

Now that you know me.

Book your first ride today, and see what we're all about.

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